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We specialise in helping people with well‑managed HIV or Diabetes (and other complex health conditions) get their life insurances and income protection sorted.

Life insurance means financial protection to those you love, at a time when they shouldn’t have to think about money.

  • And we help their family members get all their life insurances sorted too, so nobody misses out
  • We also help medical professionals and emergency service workers protect themselves from the financial effects of contaminated sharps injuries, and
  • We provide Australia wide financial advise and insurances for Surrogate mothers so intended parents can provide the highest quality personal insurances to help protect and support the surrogate parent providing surrogacy services.

These days HIV or Diabetes doesn't have to be a life sentence

But most insurance companies still treat you like it is.

People with pre-existing well‑managed health conditions have, up till now, been prevented from accessing quality Life Insurance and Life Insurance products like Income Protection, simply because of their conditions.

We believe everyone deserves a fair go and equal access to financial advice Drew Browne Founder Unusual Risks Insured

How would you answer these 5 quick questions?

  1. Are you or someone you love living with HIV or diabetes?
  2. Do you need to learn more about blood-borne diseases protection?
  3. Want to learn how to protect your partner, family and even your business?
  4. Are you just looking for help to get your life insurance sorted?
  5. Not sure if it’s even possible?

Here's the great news!

You'll be pleased to know that now there's an Australian company that can offer life insurance services to those who really need it - and you found us.

On our site, you'll be able to:

So what are the different types of Life insurance products available to you here?

Life insurances is a name that covers a range of personal insurances designed to protect people from the known statistical risks of life.

These include:

For business owners and key people in business, we have additional personal insurances designed to protect business people from the known statistical risks of business life too.

These include:

For us, this is not just about getting a Life Insurance policy, this is an equality and human rights issue

We believe that every Australian should have equal access to high-quality Life Insurance products, no matter what their sexuality, gender, race, age or beliefs. We believe this is not just about getting Life Insurance, this is a human rights issue.

For our clients, it's about protecting and providing for those they love and simply getting on with living a full and adventurous life.

Life Insurance can help you be certain your loved ones are provided for, children's educational needs are taken care of, and that your family of choice won't have to worry about their future if you’re not there to continue to protect and provide for them.

A sad but all too common experience

Often, when a couple set up life insurance to protect each other, one person has their application accepted, but the other is refused because of a pre-existing health condition. Both are left feeling that a wedge has been driven between them and that their needs and choices were not understood, honoured or valued. At our mission is to change this.

Life insurance offers financial protection to those you love at a time when they shouldn’t have to think about money

An insurance payout can help your loved ones:

  • Stay in the family home by either paying out the mortgage or providing enough funds to allow then to remain in the community where they're most comfortable
  • Maintain the same standard of living by providing funds to be invested and used over time
  • Provide for future planned expenses for loved ones or maybe leaving a legacy that makes your difference in the world
  • If you're in business life insurance can help protect your revenue, secure bank loans and make shareholders and Key people to the business feel more secure too.
  • If you're sorting out your estate planning, life insurance can help equalise the value of an estate so that heirs are treated equally, just in case.

When does life insurance payout?

Life insurance will normally payout upon the death of the life insured or diagnoses of a terminal, illness in the last 24 months.

  • It can help their dependents cope financially if you unexpectedly pass away, and
  • It can help you in practical financial ways if you suffer a terminal illness

Many people don't know that high-quality life insurance also pays out upon the diagnosis of a terminal illness in the remaining 24 months, making it a strong part of a backup plan.

Most people don't know 30% of life insurance claims are made for terminal illness

For Health Professionals and Emergency Services Workers, contaminated sharps injury protection offers financial stability to you at a time when you need to focus on your ongoing health

An insurance payout can help you:

  • Pay you an immediate cash amount to use in any way to need
  • It can help pay out debts and remove financial stressors from your life
  • It can provide a financial cushion to your loved ones or yourself and help provide time for you to consider your next step
  • It can fund a change in your professional career, protect business shareholders and provide you with space to take time to consider what your next step needs to be

So if you're living with HIV, managing diabetes or protecting yourself from these types of conditions (like using PrEP), we can help you with complete privacy, discretion and great advice.

Enjoy your time here on our site, and feel free to get in touch and say G'day.

And if you have sensitive questions or just prefer to chat with a person first, strike up an email conversation here or give us a call direct and ask to speak with Drew.

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