Lisa, corporate warrior and home provider

Meet Lisa. She's a procurement manager for a busy national corporate and there's nothing she can't find when she puts her mind to it

But when it came to life insurance for somebody with diabetes, that proved a bigger challenge.

Last year while on holidays, Lisa's partner Sandra had to go to the hospital after a problem with her diabetes medication.

Shortly afterward Sandra changed her diabetes management plan and began wearing an automated insulin pump. Since then, managing her diabetes has been fine. Such a simple solution, but when you don't know it's available, simple problems can still have life changing effects.

Everyone wants to feel normal and capable

Sandra has always felt that having life insurance was a normal and important part of looking after your family. But when you have diabetes, sometimes normal feels just out of reach. Finding a life insurance adviser that actually understood diabetes, seemed near impossible.

The problem with asking Dr Google

Part of her frustration was she would Google for information about whether someone with diabetes could get life insurance. But she'd just end up getting out of date, conflicting and confusing comments about what was possible, around the world!

One weekend, Lisa surprised her partner with a bottle of her favourite perfume and mentioned that she'd finally found the Australian specialty website, the experts in life insurance services for people with diabetes or HIV.

Local knowledge is key

On the frequently asked questions section of their site, she learned that many people shared her same frustration. She also learned that search results from European or American sources on the web  regularly contained conflicting and outdated information that was different to the Australian options. No wonder she felt confused.

Perfume and good news

That weekend, they both visited from their smartphones and took an anonymous pre-assessment survey, to see what their life insurance options were. Lisa got the green light straight away but Sandra had to provide some more detailed information, as she suspected.

The following day she got an email back indicating that she finally had some good news. Her diabetes situation was one they could work with.

Now Lisa's partner is on her way to finally getting her life insurance sorted and Lisa ticked another priority off her list of things to do and smiled.

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