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How to buy life insurance if you’re LGBTQI+

An interesting question we're often asked is,
'Who are the most uninsured people in the community?'
The answer might surprise (and sadden) you.

Young male P plate drivers? Young Tradies? Army Reserve personnel? Single mothers? No.

The Australian LGBTQI+ Community is one of the most underinsured and underserved markets with financial services.

This of course then leaves them and their families at greater vulnerability than their straight counterparts.

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What are the main reasons people claim on their Life Insurance?

In 2019 over $33 million dollars in claims were paid out each day by the Australian Life Insurance industry.

  • Cancer is by far the number one cause of death claims in men (39%) and women (61%)
  • Accidental Death is much more prevalent in men (20%) than women (7%)
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Straight and living with HIV? It's becoming more common than you'd think

The typical straight guy (or girl) next door who is just living with a chronic health condition called HIV, is increasing

HIV is not a top of mind conversation starter for most straight guys and girls so many straight people believe HIV is not a health issue for the straight community; but they would be very mistaken.

  • In Western Australia during 2020, more straight men were diagnosed with HIV than gay men.
  • Despite new HIV numbers declining nationally for more than a decade, the number of straight men contracting the sexually transmitted HIV virus is on the rise.
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What has sexuality got to do with a life insurance application?

The simple answer is — Not much.

The honest answer is — A lot more than you'd think

  • Life Insurance companies traditionally haven't designed their products and services with LGBTIQ people in mind and tend not to consider the needs of diverse communities.
  • Research shows when service providers assume their clients are heterosexual and use heterosexist language, this can result in discomfort, alienation, and even ongoing discrimination against a significant part of the broader Australian community, their families and friends.
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Meet Ricki and Davesh - New Dads-to-Be through Surrogacy and IVF

Ricki and Devesh are a same-sex couple who first met at University and later married after the Australian Marriage Equality plebiscite in December 2013. Ricki is a Florist and Devesh is an Account Manager for a pharmaceutical company.

For years they wondered if it was ever going to be possible for them to start a family together?

They learned all about the Australian foster care system and adoption, and even looked at expensive overseas options too.  After months of sleepless nights, endless conversations and an exhausting search for what felt like the best thing for them, together they settled on the idea of altruistic surrogacy in Australia.

Wanting a biological child of their own

Ultimately both Ricki and Devesh decided they wanted to have a child who was biologically their own.

  • Ricki and Devesh’s mutual friend Lillian had a girlfriend Jane, who already had two of her own children, still loved the idea of being pregnant but not the reality of adding a third child to her family.
  • Together, Ricki and Devesh came to an agreement with Jane for her to become their surrogate and use IVF to begin their own biologically related family, together.

The next few months seemed to be a blur of appointments with Fertility Counselors, IVF treatments and cycles, genetic tests, couples counselling and a mountain of legal paperwork.

Working with the right Financial Adviser

When it came to Ricki & Devesh getting Life Insurances in place to protect themselves and their Surrogate, their Fertility Counsellor recommended a confidential chat with unsuaulrisks.com.au who specialise in complex insurance situations.

Deciding upon who the biological father would be?

For Ricki and Devesh, deciding which of them would be the biological father was fairly simple. Of the two, Rickie is far more attached to the notion of his child being biologically related to him, while Devesh is just simply excited by the prospect of becoming a ‘Dad’, especially if the baby has a biological connection to his husband.

How do you say thankyou for an unrepayable gift?

Now Ricki regularly sends Jane (what is often described as ‘an entire florist shop in a delivery van’) thank you flowers.  They're all excitedly looking forward to the arrival of their new child - made possible through IVF and the incredible love and generosity of a new family friend who agreed to become their Surrogate.

Where to now?

  Learn about our Surrogacy and IVF Life Insurances.

  Have questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions specifically for surrogacy services.

  Read about our range of Services. See Our Services.

  Ready to know if we can work with you? Get in touch with us for a chat.


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Intersex Remembrance Day

'Pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Girls are princesses and boys are pirates. Girls like only boys and boys don’t kiss other boys... — These are just a few restrictive ideas of gender and gender identity that have seen many queer people marginalised and scrutinised for centuries'.
(National Geographic Magazine - Jan 2017 issue)

If there is anything we know, it's that life is not black and white - and not everyone is neatly defined by an Acronym LGBTI.

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Can you still get life insurance with a history of drug use?

Life is complicated.

Getting on with life is even more complicated; so it's important to talk about what matters most and know where we stand.

  • In 2019, around 3.4 million Australians reported using an illicit (recreational) drug in the last 12 months.1

So how does having a history of personal drug use affect your ability to create a safety net for yourself and your family?

Here's what you need to know ahead of time when you're needing to get your life insurances sorted.

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Be careful what you Google for, when searching for simple answers to complex questions like; Can people with HIV or other complex health conditions can still qualify for life insurance?

Google Search is part of our modern-day lives.

Who hasn’t made a quick Search for the bio of an actor, the secret to a killer Bearnaise sauce or asked, ‘Is there a sequel to Game of Thrones?’

Search is also a growing part of our personal health management. People's tendencies for a late-night search session with Dr Google self-diagnosing potential medical conditions —by searching for symptoms —are known to trigger many an anxious night of misinformation and questionable comparisons.

The reality is many of our late-night search results usually add to our anxiety and uncertainty.

The new skill of knowing ‘when to consult a professional’ is becoming the new 21th Century survival skill to learn.

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Life still goes on, even in the middle of a Pandemic.

Yes, it makes perfect sense to think about life insurance today - especially today - because life still happens to us all, all the time, even during difficult times.

One of the dangers of living through difficult times (and the LGBTI Community is no stranger to surviving difficult times) is we can sometimes fixate on the biggest issue and ignore the most important issue - our life, love, and relationships continue regardless.

Our innate adaptability can lead many LGBTI couples to embrace wildly different financial goals, styles and circumstances in our partners.

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Valentine’s Day means different things to different people

But ultimately it's about Love — and Love Takes Action

What some people miss is that life insurance is really love insurance — by having sufficient life insurance, they're safeguarding the future of the ones they love.Drew Browne

Four thoughtful ways you can act on your love today

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