Getting better at managing our personal risks in our connected world It's a difficult time, and winter is coming. But it won't always be. And we all need to be ready for the Spring; to better understand what we can control now (and who we can take care of today), so we're all getting ready for a better tomorrow. The current Coronavirus pandemic is going to affect Australian families and…
Women living with HIV in Australia Today, about 10% of people living with HIV in Australia are women; yet they continue to be conspicuously absent in most of the HIV prevention messages. The reported experiences of women living with HIV can be very different from men. Many women navigate their treatments and their daily lives differently from their male counterparts.
Capacity Statement of Unusual Risks Insured & Sapience Financial & Investment Services March 2020 The outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting all of us in many different ways. It has understandably caused disruptions in the financial markets, disruptions in how people work and socialise, will have flow-on effects in businesses in means not yet envisaged and has made us worry about our family and friends. At Sapience Financial & Investment Services,…
Happy Mardi Gras! To all our clients, friends and supporters - have a fabulous time celebrating you! We're committed to serving the LGBTI community and its Allies, and we're here for you, all year round. Happy Mardi Gras!
Valentine’s Day means different things to different people But ultimately it's about Love — and Love Takes Action What some people miss is that life insurance is really love insurance — by having sufficient life insurance, they're safeguarding the future of the ones they love.Drew Browne Four thoughtful ways you can act on your love today
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