Our Philosophy

At the end of the day, the only things that matter are not actually things At the end of the day, the only things that matter are not actually things

We believe in equality for our clients

We believe that equal access to life insurance is a human right.

We believe in the importance of giving people living with HIV or diabetes - or other complex health conditions - a fair go so we built a specialty pre-assessment service for them, their friends and supporters 

  • We celebrate diversity and believe taking an inclusive approach to life and business is the only way we can truly create belonging and equality.
  • We understand different communities have different needs and experiences so we serve the Gay Community, the Bi+ Community, the Trans & Diverse Community and the Straight Community - equally.

We believe people living with HIV should have equal access to all financial services, free of stigma and discrimination

We are working hard to help bridge the gap in service, advice and professional resources, the positive community has suffered.

We feel the pain of our serodiscordant clients when one member is able to protect and provide for their partner with standard life Insurance, whilst the other, up until now, have often felt disempowered by not having equal access to the same resources - that most Australians simply take for granted.

We believe Seroconcordant couples matter equally

We understand that our seroconcordant clients have often felt further marginalised by the prospect of discussing such important health issues with an unknown financial adviser while trying to navigate the complex and confusing life insurance system.

This is further compounded by wondering if the adviser would be able to assist in the event of the need to make an insurance claim - in circumstances perhaps foreign to typical the adviser.

These types of obstacles have meant that many of these important discussions have often been avoided along with establishing a life insurance policy.

We believe people living with Diabetes should have equal access to all financial services

If you're living with diabetes or caring for someone who lives with diabetes, you are not alone. Diabetes is unlike other diseases, like cholesterol and hypertension, where often medication alone can successfully treat it. Diabetes requires a considerable change to daily life.

Learning to control this condition and monitor its fluctuations enables may people diagnosed with diabetes to live long and productive lives.

We believe people living with complex health conditions or working in hard to insure occupations should have equal access to all financial services too

If you're living with a complex health condition, you're probably tired of 'always having to be the educator' and constantly editing your conversations uncertain how others will react to you.  We get that; you are not alone. 

We all have plans, dreams, families and responsibilities

People living with diabetes are at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke due to raised blood glucose levels. If they suffer a sickness or injury, their ability to bounce back to good health can be quickly compromised due to medical complications outside their day to day control.

This means their insuring their lives and their ability to 'continue to earn an income', is a strong financial decision that can become part of the lifestyle strategy to manage their condition and its effects on their family and financial stability.

  • For the single person diagnosed with diabetes, insuring your income-earning ability is even more critical so you can own the peace of mind that an insurance safety net can bring if, because of an accident, life doesn't happen like it was supposed to.

We believe people with complex health conditions and their families who support them, should be supported equally too

When you have worked in specialist financial advice for 20+ years you get to see a broad diversity of people all managing complex health needs, all united by a common understanding that they all have a lot of life to live whether they're single, partnered or parenting; and that's worth protecting.

“Investing in the future health and wellbeing of another is an act of service greater than ourselves; and in many cases, it requires us to give up something in the short term to sustain the long term.”

We believe that all Australians deserve a fair go

Unusual Risks Insured seeks to ensure positive people and their families and people managing other complex health issues, all have equal access to

  • the very best professional insurance advice available - (regardless of where they live),
  • an adviser who understand the key challenges they face, (and who don't have to be educated by their client about living with a complex health condition), and
  • an adviser who is able to compassionately and skillfully care for them and their families, from an initial application process through to a potential claim event later.

We agree businesses have a responsibility to promote a culture of respect and equality in the communities where they and their business partners operate.

We believe that everyone has the responsibility to plan for their future, to protect and provide for their loved ones and to have the opportunity to feel safe and empowered; so they can live a truly unusual life.

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  • Single

    Age is no indicator of relationship status or financial responsibility.

    • You can be young and starting out or older and established; and both enjoying living the single life.
    • You might be single, single again, sometimes single, single with kids, single with pets or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to being single in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

    And it's your single life, so live it your way.

  • Partnered

    Sharing life and love with someone can be twice as exciting.

    • You might be partnered, partnered with pets, officially de facto, officially married (yay!), splitting expenses but sharing life, or joining incomes and combining financial lives too.
    • You might be together but living apart, working towards a future with kids, thinking about fostering, adopting, IVF or surrogacy; or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to being partnered in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

    There's no right or wrong way to live a purposeful life, just what works for you both.

  • Parenting

    For today's LGBTQI+ families, there are no accidental families.

    • You might be parenting and single with kids, parenting solo with kids, parenting and partnered with kids, (yours, theirs and ours), dual parents with kids, co-parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, or even adoptive parents of kids with additional needs (just beautiful!).
    • You might be a lesbian co-parenting couple or super involved 'Guncles' or Aunties. You might not even identify with the broader LGBTQI+ community but find yourself a parent in a same-sex relationship, or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to parenting in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

    However you're doing it, Love makes a family.